PolyLite PLA Bed Temps

I am printing using the PolyLite PLA from Polymaker. I am using a TAZ 6 and Cura software with standard settings of 60 degrees bed temp.

I need to build large surface prints and the PolyLite sticks so well that I have to get the hammer out with a chisel to remove the print.

Any advice on print settings?

Can you please post a picture of what your first layer looks like? I’d like to see how squished the first layer looks. Also, when this happens, are the nozzle and all four self leveling washers good and clean?

They all feel smooth. On Flashforge I just remove the glass plate and put the plate in a bucket of water.

Are you waiting for the print bed to cool down to the recommended 45C before trying to remove the finished parts? Giving the print time to cool and pull away from the print bed slightly helps with part removal quite a bit.