Polymaker PC Plus profile

Any suggestions on profile settings for running Polymaker PC Plus through an enclosed Mini 2 Micro (.25 nozzle)

My nylon prints are beautiful! (left)
Trying PC Plus but unusable (right)

Not finding a profile for this material.
General PC Plus settings used:
.05 layers
110°c plate
speed 15mm/s
no fan

Suggestions Please

PC Max profile?

We have a PC-Max profile for the standard Aerostruder that you could use as reference. Based on your listed settings there are a few things that were different than our PC Max profile for the SE Aerostruder when I compared them.

In our profile the build plate temperature is set to 90C rather than 110C. Since the bottom of your print looks a bit droopy it would probably be a good idea to reduce your build plate temperature a bit. You do want a slightly warmer bed with the SL so I would suggest splitting the difference and going to 100C to see how that does.

I notice that you list having zero cooling at all, in your profile we have a small amount of cooling ranging between 10% and 40%. With the thinner extrusion you most likely won’t need quite that much but I do think that a little bit of cooling would most likely be beneficial to your surface quality.

Also, with the SL toolhead compared to the SE often times we will increase the printing temperature by 5C so it may be helpful to increase your printing temperature from 255C to 260C and see how that does.

Finally, just as a general note, whenever you are tuning in a filament profile it is best to make one setting adjustment at a time so that you know what is helping and what isn’t.

I print PC-Max with a Titan Aero, wich is basically the same as the AeroStruder, with a nozzle temp of 268° C and bed at 115°, no fan, at 40mm/s. From the photo, it looks like you’re printing too slow and the heat is building up into the print from the nozzle and bed. Another possibility is that your PC Plus has soaked up some moisture from the air and needs to be dried out before printing. PC can get real stringy from moisture in the filament.
Just some ideas.

Hey thanks. Will speed up prints.
I’ve got the moisture under control with enclosure, desiccant pan, desiccant-ed filament box, tube from box to enclosure.
Printing at 285c, 110c plate, 15mm/s