Strongest Filament - Lulzbot Mini

I have a Lulzbot Mini and I want to use it to create extruder dies for my ceramics work. An extruder can be described as a large Playdough plunger, or a lever that will push clay through the die I create. I’ve tried HIPS filament at 80% density and 15 mm thick, but the die just fell apart. What is my best choice that would be the strongest filament? Also any suggestions on settings would be appreciated! I’m currently printing a PLA version (eSUN) 5MM thick and 100% density.

I’d probably jump right to PC for that part. I’ve had a lot of good results printing the Polymaker PC Plus on my enclosed Taz 6.

Also… if you are a subscriber to Maker Box or happen to have any generous friends who are, PC Plus was in the December box. Maybe they will share?

I’m far from a filament expert, but I’m wondering if you are doing anything to smooth the working surfaces of your dies? Possibly vapor smoothing (depending in filament) or at least sanding/polishing. I would think the ridged surface would greatly increase the friction and stress on the die.

I’ve been eyeing Polymaker’s PC Max. Does PC require a hardened nozzle?

No hardened nozzle required. Pretty easy on a stock machine and even easier with an enclosure.

The colorFabb HT that I think you have ordered from us a few times is also pretty beefy stuff with a bit more give.

Thanks, I use HT extensively and it is perfect for my applications. I haven’t really needed anything stronger, but I have never tried PC and was curious about it. PS, thanks for the Gummi bears! :wink: