Power supply bracket

Just got my TAZ. Found (already) It needs a place to put the power supply. Helps unclutter the workbench. Check out the Picture.

That’s awesome! Do you have the bracket files posted anywhere?

Very clever! Nice print.

I haven’t posted them yet, but here are the STL files for the front and the back bracket. For the nuts and bolts, you’re on your own. I have access to a machine shop, so I made my own nuts to fit the T-track. The screws came from the hardware store.
P S Bracket-F2.stl (102 KB)
P S Bracket-B2.stl (102 KB)

That is quite clever. Just using the zip ties to keep the power supply from sliding off the brackets?

Yes, the zip ties actually anchor the unit to the brackets. I apologize for the delayed response.