Powering off

Just got my Mini 2 going, it all went smoothly, except it took me a while to insert the test filament (I had to figure out the right way to apply pressure on both sides of the idler).

I have a question about turning it off. I suppose there isn’t a critical sequence to shutting things down, but there is no mention of this in the manual (unless I missed it). What I’ve done so far is I basically make sure the bed and hot end temperatures are cool, then click “disconnect” in the Cura app, then turn off the power switch on the printer. But what happens if I turn off the power, say, when the printer is in some other state. Do I risk damaging the printer if that is done at the wrong time?

Turning off the power is fine to do when the printer is in pretty much any state. If you see something going on that shouldn’t be, the first thing we generally recommend doing is powering off the printer before there is a chance of anything bad happening.

Thanks, good to know.