OK to leave printer on?

I just got my new mini (my first 3d printer) and am wondering if its OK to leave it running for hours after a print is complete. For how long? What kind of power draw in this state? How about if the head and bed heaters are off?

I’m currently playing with MatterControl touch as the printer driver and haven’t figured out yet if it will automatically turn off the heaters.


The safety warnings that came with your printer explicitly state “never leave the printer unattended”

But that’s just the Lawyers talking.

If you put a M104 S0 and an M140 S0 in your end.gcode, then you should be fine, as those two commands turn off the heater and bed. In fact, the lulzbot provided configs have those in there already. You should double check that they are there, maybe even run a 2 minute print with the same configs you are planning on using for your long print and observe how it behaves after the print finishes.

Might wear out any fans that are on all the time… the heatsink blower fan comes to mind.