Mini stopped mid-print, and now unresponsive

I’ve been printing happily for many months, but today my printer was maybe 5% through a 1 1/2 hr print, and has just stopped. No obvious reason. I clicked Abort print.

Computer is still connected, fan whirrs, but can’t move print head - Home Z, Home All do nothing.

I have checked that computer didn’t power down, and have unplugged and replugged the USB cable at each end.

Still nothing.

Switched off printer and did something else for a while, thinking the printer had had a near-total hardware failure.

Went back, switched everything back on. Restarted Cura. Reconnected printer, and to see if ANYTHING was working, clicked on Preheat nozzle. The temperature started rising, so the computer was seeing the printer.

Everything suddenly sprang back to life.The printer homed to its Home All position. After cleaning some stuck ABS from the nozzle, I restarted the interrupted print, and it seems to be starting fine.

Should I put this down to a one-off glitch, or is it a sign of hardware problems that maybe I should try to diagnose further?

Could be anything… powerline surge/spike, usb interruption from the computer (computer glitched), etc. etc. On the Mini 2 you can print from an SD card and that would be one way to isolate if it was USB related (if this is a Mini 2).

Thanks for the prompt response.

No, it’s just a Mini v1.

And it’s just done it again. Not even finished the first layer when it froze again. Since I was just about to have lunch, I switched it off and went away.

Are there any logs to look at on the computer? If so, where?

And I’ve forgotten how to open the console, if that would help with diagnosis. I can’t see it on the menu in any obvious location.

I’m running Lulzbot Cura 3.23.

I suppose I could try a different USB cable - it does seem possible that the computer and the printer just stop talking to each other.

This is a real possibility. If you’re using windows right click on the background screen, select Display settings, select Power & Sleep. Look at your Sleep setting value when plugged in. Select a value that’s longer than your print.

Same thing happened to me and after several hours and new parts it turned out to be an intermittent bed heater wire. See “Mini Gen 1 Update Cura & Firmware - Won’t Work” post here. He had the same issue as me and sounds very much like yours, too.

This isn’t a link, and I can’t find the topic using the Search function on this forum. Do you have a link to it?

It’s set to “Turn off - Never” when plugged in.

Thank you. Busy most of today but will follow up tomorrow.