Print bed not heating, temp being read fine

I’ve been through this issue a lot with support and nothing has fix my print bed so far. The cable that connects the print bed heater to my board has been replaced by Aleph but the thing still doesn’t heat up. Since the bed just stopped heating suddenly when the whole ordeal started, I feel like I actually just need a new print bed/heater. Would I be correct here or is there something else I and support have missed?

Did they give you any other hints? Do you have a multimeter to test the voltage at the heat bed connector on the MiniRambo board? The heated bed is just a big resistor so if you have a multimeter, you could also do a continuity test on between the connectors on the disconnected heater and you’ll be able to tell if there’s an internal break. Finally, you could test continuity on either conductor of the new cable that they shipped you, but I doubt that’s an issue.

This should give you a hint about where the problem is, but either way you’ll have to replace the heater or the MiniRambo board, or maybe the new cable. If you relay your findings to AO, perhaps they’ll have a better idea.

Did you already try replacing the bed fuse? it’s going to be the blue 15 amp automotive style one. You should be able to find an identical fuse at your local store that carries car headlight bulbs or windshield wiper blades. To check if the fuse is bad, look at the inside, it should have an S shaped piece of metal connecting the two contacts if it is still intact. I’m not 100% sure it will throw an error if that fuse is popped.

Check the terminals that the thick bed heater wires go into. The conntector uses screw terminals and one time I had one of the two heater wires come loose at the terminal. Screwing it back down fixed the issue.