Print Farm shelf dimensions

I would like to ask, may be someone can share information about best dimensions of shelfs for print farm. We have at this stage 10 printers and they all are on table… so its takes a lot of space in our workshop. So i will order shelf to put printers in two levels… bet i cat figure out the best high for shelfs to get best possible access to printers. And for our interior we choose it to be wood shelf so there will be no chance to adjust dimensions later… :frowning:
Does anyone have experience with this problem?

I have 22 3D Printers of various sizes (non Lulzbot)

I use the steel rack shelving like what you can find at Lowes. Instead of using all 4 shelves, I use 2 shelves to act as a stand. I added a 3/4" plywood piece to go on top so that the 3D printer enclosure has full support all around. I use both the WhamBam Hot Box Megas and the PrintedSolid NextGen CR10 Style enclosures. I install LED lighting, my fume extraction devices (either BOFA or 3D UpFitter Carbon Air filter setups). I also have BlazeCut fire suppression devices and the Wham Bam sells a product called The Cloud that also offers good safety protection.

On the enclosure is the Raspberry Pi with Octoprint & Obico installed to monitor prints. I have a mini shelf inside the enclosure for the web cam.

Safety first! If you want some pics to see how I do it, just ask.

Thank you for information! It is handy.
And if you can send me pictures it will be superb!

Kind sir I meant to ask the length & the width of each shelf plank on your shelf on your print farm (cabinet)

I’ll get that to you in a bit, happy to help!

Here’s the link to the video and if you view the descriptions, links to everything I use

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