Print Freezing - Large Herringbone Gear from SD Card

I’m attempting to print the large herringbone gear from the SD Card and it keeps freezing at the same spot early in the print. It prints the outer diameter (extrusion warm up), 3 of 4 of the inner circles and then half way through the 4th one it just stops short and freezes. the LCD display still says it’s printing. pausing and resuming does nothing. I’ve restarted the printer, re-calibrated stuff, but the results are the same.

is this an issue with printing from the sd card, this particular gcode file, or something else? I’d like to print spares and thought this was the simplest approach. should I download and print from cura instead?

FWIW - i printed the small herringbone gears fine from the SD card.

downloaded the STL and am printing from Cura now.

strange behavior with the SD card. Perhaps there’s something off with the GCode that doesn’t like the flexy dually version of the firmware. is that possible?

Which printer are you using for this? That’ll help narrow down which file version you’re using.

Sorry about that…

Taz 5.
FlexyDually v2

Printer was purchased around 11/15 (in case parts or SD card contents changed since then). FlexyDually v2 around 5/16 (which is around the same time I flashed the firmware. haven’t updated it since. not sure exact version of firmware, but let me know if you need that)

I have a similar intermittent problem with my TAZ5, usually within the first layer or two. It simply locks up and refuses to budge, saying it’s still printing when it’s clearly not. If it happened more than a few times in a row, I’d reformat the SD card. If it still gave me grief, I’d restart the printer.

I think the issue may lie with removing the SD card from the PC after it’s written the gCode, like it may not be done when it says so.