Print head REALLY clogged with PetG

I was trying to print a large black oreo but this time decided to use a glue stick since the print was really hard to remove last time.
This time the print came loose overnight and began building around the nozzle to the point of a giant ball of hard plastic. I’ve tried cutting and chipping away at this but it is pretty hard. Is there a way to salvage this or am I looking at buying a new print head/nozzle?

A lot of hammer and chisel effort and I managed to get the plastic off. Two wires came loose during the process which I reattached. Major pain but currently printing a small object to see if it is going to function.

Reach out to the support team if you run into errors afterwards: Did you reattach the wires with a crimped or soldered connection? Soldered connections near the heater block will not hold up.