Suddenly today prints not sticking to bed.

eSUN PLA printing fine over the last week, and this morning, but this afternoon prints just stopped sticking (they are sticking about 80%) and the head seems to get messy as a result. I believe both the head and the bed look to be the right temperature.

I’m sure there are many possible causes:

74% humidity?

Screws on head loose?

Clamp for filament set to wrong pressure?

I’m not sure what’s going on. I’m too inexperienced. I keep the head as clean as I can and have the printer set to default settings. And like I say, PLA printed fine for me up until this point. I have the machine just over a week.


How does the first layer look while its going down? Does the bed leveling process look ok? I had an issue with the autolevel on my taz 6 today where one corner was off during the level process somehow and ended up kind of similar. I wiped the tip of the nozzle off with a blue scotchbrite and it printed fine the 2nd time around. Haven’t had that happen before now, but it’s been through multiple prints since and no issue. Just some strange fluke in that one autolevel process.

Scrub the nozzle and washers with a scotchbrite pad. Clean the bed and nozzles with rubbing alcohol. Maybe give the bed a rub with the scotchbrite as well. Good places to start with this sort of thing…