Print Issue - (sliced with Mac Cura Taz Vers)

New TAZ 5 owner as of this Monday so I haven’t had too much time on the printer yet, but I was trying to test print something using TAZ version of Cura and kept getting bad prints. I was simply printing the robot that came with Cura.

Around layer 45~50, it seems to retract the filament so much that it just simply stops extruding. To print again I have to re-feed the filament back in quite a lot.

I’ve tried 2 prints through Cura (2 on the left) and one through Octoprint (1 on right) exporting the gcode. It seems to cause a problem exactly at the same spot.

My question is, what might have caused this issue?

Just to show my printer is working I did do another print last night (downloaded the gcode from the taz 5 area).

Thanks for any help!!!

I couldn’t upload the gcode here so I’m posting it on my evernote:

Full size image:

Full size image:

What was different about the working Venus print?