Print quit before end?

Print stopped at 85% complete on a 7hr.+ print.
Running CURA on Windows with No internet/LAN connection.
6+ months on Mini2 and first occurrence.
Disconcerting. Thanks for any troubleshooting tips.

Do you have the printer plugged directly into a wall outlet, or is there a power-strip or battery backup between the printer and the outlet? If there is a power strip or battery backup in the mix, please try removing them and plugging the printer directly into a wall outlet. Also, can you please post the file that you are having this problem with, so that we can have a look at it, to make sure it’s a good file? Also, pictures could be handy as well.

If USB remains connected

The computer port can glitch and send spurious data at some point in a long period, such as if there’s IRQ contention or the port goes to sleep based on a power setting.

A USB cable with worn out connectors or damaged terminations, or that is exposed to high levels of EMI, can create uninterpretable data.