Print stops randomly, but head is away from model

So I’ve had good success with printing lately and even printed that digital sundial (you may be familiar with it.) The main body of the model took me 22:20 hours to print, but it was successful (ok, it didn’t print the really fine elements, but it works.)

Anyway, I started to print the brackets to support it, but for some reason the print is failing (twice.)


Using ABS and standard quality out of Cura.
Printing from SD card
Print will fire off with no issue, however, in the first case, the print stopped at ~20%. In the second, at ~50%.

In both cases, it clearly looks like the head moved away from the print. Not that it went to the “finish” position, but it clearly moved about 50mm diagonally away from the part. The temps didn’t zero, and the display still said Printing…, but there was no further head movement.

I’ve loaded the gcode into S3D and it displays the model correctly in the preview.

Any ideas?

Try your gcode here and see if that’s it.

Second, try another SD card, or ideally print from a computer. There are strange things that happen with sd cards.