Printing from SD using slic3r print stops

Hey Everyone…

Looking for some help with a problem. My longer prints from SD seem to quit part way through. I’m using slic3r and I’m using the profiles for the Taz 4 printer. I’m using the fine print with no support.
I’m creating little cups as a ‘class’ project. When I try to print out more than a couple at a time the print fails part way through. I’ve checked another thread where the person had a similar problem but was not allowing the Gcode to fully load onto their SD card. My is loading fully. I’ve checked it over with and can’t see any errors in the code. The print just stops, leaving the bed and nozzle on and heated. This happens with other lengthy prints as well. Shorter prints of an hour or two work fine. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. I’ve attached the GCODE file zipped.


Just a note:
I have a TAZ 2 that I’ve upgraded to 24V bed and power supply, and reflashed (with the help of Lulzbot Tech support to the TAZ 4). Now this ONLY happens with longer prints and I don’t think it has anything to do with the firmware, but just putting that information in there in case someone else has an idea.
Glass 9 Fine (8.08 MB)

Have a look at the file in pronterface. There are 3 “spikes”, at least one tries to leave the bed. I think thats the reason why it’ stopping. Do you tried this with latest slic3r version?