Print stopping in the middle of a print

Hi -

I’m printing a relatively large object (maybe 5 in x 3 in x 3in), and during the last two print attempts the print has stopped mid-print several hours into the print process - and at different points on the print (at different heights, different locations on the print bed and different points in the model). The head stops moving and extruding and the bed stops moving, and the object ends up with a little ‘dimple’ of ABS where the print head stopped.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to debug this? I’ve successfully printed this model several times over the past couple days. After that I made a slight model tweak, but the print didn’t fail at that changed point in the model either time (in x, y or z) - it failed at different x@y@z each time.


  • Chris

If you’re printing from USB, then see if that computer is going to sleep or such.

These print jobs have all been from the SD card. No USB connection to Cura.

  • Chris

I had something similar, except my print (also from SD card) failed in literally the same spot (on the z-axis, and I think the x) both times. On two different .gcode files for different models (but they were of similar shape). These were failures MANY hours in each time. I was able to continue from where it left off as I just sunk the model below the bed using the Z value shown on the TAZ6 display then glued the two pieces together. But if you place the two parts side by side from both failures you see them glued line at the exact same height in the print. Again these were two different .gcode files of different sliced stl models.

I entered a support ticket with Lulzbot but didn’t get very far. They thought it was binding up on the z-axis and provided great resolution steps if that were the problem, but it goes all the way & down like a dream. Didn’t hear back from them but will follow up.

Here’s where mine stopped on the second model (didn’t take pics of the first one). Notice it was just over 16 hours (print speed was set very slow) but also notice the nozzle temp and bed temp in the second photo…


If you are printing from the SDCard and the print stops at the exact same spot, it’s not Z axis binding. it’s either a corrupt file, or a bad sector on the SD card. Possibly overheating as well, but thatsm not likely. Try replacing the SD Card, make sure you get an actual SD card, not a mini sd card in an adaptor.

Good points and will try that. But it happened with two separate .gcode files (same ad card though). I don’t need to print those parts again and so I don’t want to waste the filament but will soon need to print something even taller than these items. Stay tuned.