LCD Print Time Not Updating

I currently have the Taz6 and when I load a model in Cura, I get a pretty accurate time estimate. However, when I print via SD card, the time on the screen will not move up or down. Also, the white bar that is supposed to fill up under it isn’t moving. This has been an issue for me since I had this printer (or atleast since I noticed) but it’s been awhile! Does this happen to anyone else? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

From the printer console, what does “M73 P25” do to the LCD screen? It should put the bar at 25% (see

I vaguely remember that the firmware shipped with my TAZ 6 didn’t have support for the bar but later versions did. What version of Marlin is loaded in your printer (M115)?

Thanks for the reply and I’m sorry about the late response.

Yes, I am running Marlin 1.1.5 which was loaded from factory. The command line did not work. Any other suggestions?


What version of Cura are you running? Is there one more .x in your firmware version (i.e. 1.1.5.x)? Is the printer connected directly to your desktop? What OS are you running?

Newer versions of CuraLE have newer versions of LulzBot printer specific firmware. You can find the firmware at There is a .hex file which is the firmware and a .config file which is the Marlin configuration parameters.