Printer freezes after 4% of the print

I’m having a problem where the printer is disconnecting from the computer when I try to print. It will always make it the same amount every time before disconnecting. Some files still work but it seems to be arbitrary. If it was a hardware issue then I don’t think it would go the exact amount and fail every time. Also the slicer doesn’t recognize that the printer disconnected, it just keeps going. If I then hit disconnect in the slicer then connect it will connect back up no problem. Also if I don’t start the print and just let it sit connected to the slicer it doesn’t disconnect. It seems to work on prints under 10min no pro lem but after that it fails.

We need more information about your computer settings, what is your OS, does it go to sleep? Have you saved the gcode files so that you can inspect the gcode in the case that it does fail? Could you provide us with the source STL so that we can reproduce the issue? Can you upload your gcode so that we can inspect it for errors. Can you upload your both log folders with cura in the name found at %appdata%?

I’m on windows 10 and no it doesn’t go to sleep. I don’t think the computer is the problem. I tried my laptop too and it still did the same thing. As I said it fails with multiple prints. Some of which i already printed so I also don’t think it’s a gcode problem. Could gcode even disconnect a printer from the computer? Isn’t it just instructions on where to move? Also does the nozzle and bed temp run through gcode? I know the printer is disconnecting because the nozzle cools off, but the nozzle temp displayed in the slicer is still displayed as it should be until I hit disconnect then after I connect again it displays the actual temp.If it was just freezing because of gcode wouldn’t the nozzle stay hot?

What is your firmware version and steps to recreate?

Just wondering if you could answer a question I posted earlier about my serial number. If you look back at an earlier post I made I’m trying to identify what version of the mini I have but my serial number didn’t match any on the list. Just figured maybe you might know why.

I’ll check when I get home. I’ll also upload the stl. Just for context. I’m printing proto pasta htpla and my mini is stock except I put on a coated nozzle but that was months ago. Also my printer has been running alot because I’ve been printing things for a big project all out of HTPLA and CF reinforced Nylon. I’m basically using the pre loaded slicer profile for proto pasta htpla but at 150c 3 walls at 100% infill. The last thing I need to try is a new usb cable.

For questions about serial numbers I would send an email to

Something I hadn’t considered until you said you were printing with HTPLA is that your nozzle might be clogging during printing, especially with those high temp filaments if your cooling/heating isnt adequate then clogs are very easy to come by.

You might also have some luck forwarding this issue to support, as you might expect they see a lot of these issues and may have some helpful tips.

I’ve had some trouble with heat creep but I got my settings and room Temps correct and now it’s good. Recently completed a 26 hour print in htpla. Took a lot of trial and error I can tell you that. I’m using those exact settings and this print is only 2 hours.

Anyway I sent a message to support well see what they say.