Mini - Host Disconnect

I have noticed the Mini becoming unresponsive after it completes a print. It doesn’t matter if I am using Cura, Simplify3D or Octoprint as a host. I always have to click the disconnect button then reconnect before I can jog the printer.

I don’t see anything in the gcode that would cause this but I am a gcode newb.

Is anyone else experiencing this behavior / found a way to fix it?

What OS are you using?
I’m not familiar with the connect/disconnect button…
I’m new, but using Windows and Cura… Cura has a direct serial connection to the printer.

Just curious if you’re using a Mac or Linux version?
Is there a sort of “middleman” or a shared USB hub?

I am on Win8.1.

In Cura I have to close the printer control window and reopen it to reconnect to the printer. The other hosts have a connect / disconnect button.

It doesn’t matter if I am on a USB hub or directly connected to a PC or Raspberry Pi. I always have to reconnect…