Printer not printing.. maybe blockage?


So my Taz 3 which has been working great seems to be jammed…? It just doesn’t want to lay down filament.

I remove the filament and can see it’s all chewed up as if it’s a jam. I’m able to force filament through manually by heating the head and pushing the filament through, so that’s why I don’t understand it… if I can push the filament manually, then surely it’s not blocked? Is it possible that my gear that feeds the filament is worn out or something? I’ve also tried tightening the tension springs too.

Also where can I get new heads from?

Check the small gear setscrew. it can come loose and appear to try and turn the gear, but not actually extrude anything. Also make sure there is about 8mm between the two washers on either side of the tension springs on the idler tension arms. It is quite possible the gear itself has worn out or cracked and isn’t engaging the shaft properly too.

The Taz 3 was also the last version of the Taz that didn’t use sealed 608zz bearings on the extruder hobbed bolt and idler arm. Make sure all three bearings still turn properly. If the idler bearing in particular is seized, you’ll see a similar symptom.