TAZ seems to be jammed, can't figure it out.

I set up my TAZ last week but didn’t have a full spool of 3mm filament, so I took a sample piece I had received from an order of 1.75mm and ran it through the TAZ. I thought it was ABS, it was PLA. First of all, there was a TON of leakage, just like has been shown in recent threads, so I was expecting that and it was my first indication that I was printing at the wrong temps.

After receiving new 3mm filament from LulzBot, both ABS and PLA, I decided to try printing in both materials, this time using the appropriate temps. Jammed up. So, I took the nozzle off and made sure that it was clear of any obstructing material (I could see light through the nozzle) and tried printing again. Immediately jammed. Jammed so bad that I couldn’t even manually feed filament through the extruder, and I’m pretty sure I was exerting quite a bit more force than the extruder is capable of.

I made sure that the temperature was correct, and still, I couldn’t feed anything through. I’m at a loss as to what to do next. It’s very frustrating, especially since I was looking very forward to not having to tinker much with this printer. It’s a big part of the reason why I went with this vs. something less expensive.

Any thoughts?

your descriptions sounds like you fed a piece of 1.75mm filament. Is this correct, or did I misunderstand?

Nope, I mistakenly fed a 3mm piece of PLA at ABS temps (230C).

I finally got everything figured out, thanks to Claudio at LulzBot for pointing me in the right direction. It was seriously clogged up due to user error. :confused: