Printing above 240C on the Taz 3

Is there a hot end available for the Taz 3 that can print at temperatures above 240C? Or a hot end that would be compatible?

I’d like to print with some higher temperature filaments but the Budaschnozzle on my Taz 3 is limited to 240C.


If you can find a polyschnozzle kit and an older buddaschnozzle, that would fit. I’ve also seen various all metal J head designs that might do the trick if you swapped out the extruder for a J head fitting compatable unit. I really haven’t seen any hotend designs that really seem to work consistantly and well at higher temperatures to the point where I have wanted to spend my money on them yet. I’d really like to print with some higher temperature materials myself, but most of the ones out there seem to have a few lingering issues at the higher end temperatures. I kind of like the look of the Magma hot end, but it seems to have a bunch of jamming issues from reports. The E3d hotend seems to be closest to ready for higher temperatures, but it needs dedicated fan cooling on the hot end barrel to prevent melting the extruder body and also seems to have a few jamming concerns. I’ve seen some one-off replacements for PEEK isolaters for use in a standard Buddaschnozzle, but they all seem to be made out of leftover scrap pieces of $10,000 super metamaterials and there is no way for normal humans to actually buy one.

I’m thinking that ultimatly printing above 240c is going to require liquid coolant, which adds mass to the moving assembly, not to mention complexity. I’m very familiar with computer water cooling setups. so the complexity wouldn’t be a major issue.

We are currently testing the E3D hot end and the Hexagon hot end. If you’d like more information on what we’ve found, the notes can be found here: