Printing anything in expert mode

Hi, I am fairly new at printing but I have been able to successfully print several things in quick print mode. All the prints turn out nice with no issues. When I try printing anything in expert mode, I always end up with warping pieces where the layers don’t bond together and they are really weak where I can easily break sections of the print off. Why am I experiencing such a big difference between the two. The only reason I’m in expert mode is because I sometimes need a print to have a greater infill density for solid parts. I’m not sure what to change. I am using the latest version of Cura Any help is appreciated.

Thanks David

I just tried copying all of the gcode from a print i know works into the full settings and made some minor tweeks. Its printing now but looks like i may have resolved most of my issues.

I have the same issue could you please tell me what you did? I thought that it was because it doesn’t calibrate when you switch to expert mode. How can i make sure that it calibrates and does the print?

2nd the above!

Why doesn’t the machine calibrate in expert mode? What’s the use of expert mode if I can’t tweak any of the settings and have it print correctly.

I also noticed something odd. When you select “print support structure” in quickprint settings it draws in a much denser connected support grid. When you switch to expert mode, you get a better coarser grid along with the correct offset from the part so it doesn’t fuse to the original part. Again, useless if I can’t get the machine to auto calibrate.

Any help from the forum would be appreciated. Don’t see anything in the documentation that says you can’t use expert mode, in fact just the opposite.

Thanks in advance,

You need to download filament profiles from then load the profile in Cura. That will set up the start g-code needed for calibration.