Printing Area question

When i looked at the spec of the TAZ Z the print area 298mm x 275mm x 250mm (11.7in x 10.8in x 9.8in) yet i tried to print Eiffel tower in big size, i did cut the tower to 3 peaces the first two top parts were no problem, when i set up the bottom part of eiffel tower on the cure software table, will not make a gcode for me because i set up the size of 271.18 x 271.18 x 249.8 MM i don’t get it why i have to make my project smaller to 265.00 x 265.00 x 244.11 MM, can someone please explain this part been thinking about this for day and can’t figure it out and no, print brim is off also support is off

You may have ‘skirt’ still enabled which reduces the bed size by about ~6 MM on all four sides. You can try reducing it to like 1-2 MM and see if it will fit. Or disable it and make sure you prime the nozzle right before your print starts.

White do u find this feature? I tried to look and didn’t see it in cura settings

You would have to go into the full setting - expert settings to turn this feature off.

found it, thank you so what this skirt is doing exactly? warming up like making sure the filament going nicely?

Pretty much. It ensures that the nozzle is primed and already extruding before printing of the object begins.