Does anyone know the actual printable part size for mini?

I own a mini, but I have not experimented extensively with this.

Does anyone know the actual largest bed print area for the mini? It is smaller than the box given in the lulzbot version of cura, I have hit the leveling discs on prints that cura thought could fit.

I have also made parts that are smaller than the size listed on the lulzbot website for the mini because cura will always put in the skirt it seems.

So taking into effect the skirt, and the auto leveling discs that shrink the bedplate a little, has anyone figured out exact max printable bed dimensions?

If you switch to full settings, and then select expert/open expert settings, you’ll get a popup window that allows you to manipulate the skirt, even eliminate it. The default settings are 1 line, 3mm away, at least 250mm long.

So with that I could move the skirt closer, but it isn’t a very good idea to get rid of it entirely as it still serves a very good purpose in priming the filament. That IS helpful though!