Printing from SD-Card crashed on USB connect

When connecting the USB to any device without connecting a software the printer stops immediately its current print. The display still shows printing but the head just keeps at the latest position. I tried Pause and Resume already but no chance, the print is lost.

Is this a know issue? Is there a workaround?


TAZ5, Firmware 2015Q3

The SD card is in the machine correct? So why do you still have the USB cable connected?

Hi George, sometimes I make some small prints directly via USB or start long prints from SD-Card, however IMHO it does not matter for which purpose the USB connection is used, it is not very nice to have a system freezing just by unplug a USB cable. Right now for instance I make a long print, in the same time I wanted to check a Raspberry connected to it, but this I will certainly avoid for the time being.

Short version: Yes, it’s normal.
Long version, see here.

Best thing to do is to get used to unplug USB before starting a SD-Print…