Taz 6 stopped print when I booted into Windows

Hi guys,

Yesterday I began a print on my SD card and turned off my PC. The print was going fine but then I needed to turn my PC back on to check something unrelated about 20 mins into the print and as my PC booted into windows, the printer just stopped moving but the LCD display said it was still printing.

I believe this was because of something windows 10 did in the boot process related to loading drivers or it could have been because I have fast boot enabled which uses hibernation to boot faster. Is this normal? If so I assume I am going to have to unplug the printer’s USB cord when printing off the SD card so that this doesn’t happen?


When you boot a windows computer with a USB attached Arduino device, at the driver check portion of the boot process it will reconnect with the printer, usually causing a reboot. It has to do with the way the arduino and the SD card interface is presented to windows. Unplugging the USB cable would indeed prevent that issue.

OK cool that makes sense. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Yep, kind of a PITA, but I always unplug the USB and hang it on the small plastic loop that’s right by the USB port on the back. Ever since figuring out the same thing you noticed my TAZ6 failed prints have about disappeared.

IMO, every printer needs a Pi with Octoprint or similar. So much nicer to deal with. :smiley: