Printing Problems using HIPS Beginner!

Have gotten some information from b-morgan and have tried some of the things.
Changed the Hot tip from 240 to 230
Increased the line count on skirt from 1 to 3 and Minimum length to 750
Started print and noticed the building of the skirt started too high off the bed.

Aborted the print and changed the temperature back to 240.
Have started new print.
This print isn’t too bad but still a bit of “tearing” in the rear. Maybe a design flaw however.
Attached is a photo showing the “tearing” at the bases for the scale theater seats from the back.

The “tearing” is on the first seat to the left and the 2nd seat from the right.

Can you post a side shot? What are the dimensions of the piece where you’re having the issues?