Large format print issue troubleshooting

Pics attached.

First is max size eSUN HIPS at 240, 100 with cura lulzbot profile. Lost it at the very top.

Then sliced in two and printed each half max size with ABS at 240, 100 with lulzbot profile. Again, loses it near the top. Pretty complex design at least to me. But it checks out in netfabb.

Is it just too big, too far from heat bed, too complex? It almost works! I will try with fan off but about 22 hours of printing so wanted to ask for input first. Printing inside house, no drafts.

The model has thin small sections which are very prone to layer splitting due to faster cooling of the layers which all your pictures show evidence of happening. Your best bet without a enclosure is no fan and hotter bed to try and keep the local to the bed area temperatures warmer.

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had similar issues here and could solve it with:
a) covering the sides of my Mini to keep Temperatures more stable
b) not using the cooling fan
c) print slower

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Thanks all, will try and repost.