Prints failed stoping at the same height 4 Times 2 parts.

Got my Taz 5 up and running, bed leveled and trying to print my 1st parts. A simple cube to start but it failed twice so I tried the rocktopus with the same results even printed that one twice. All 4 prints stopped at the same exact height at .180 or about 4.5mm. I did the slicing of the original STL files in Cura and not just loaded Gcode files.

Why are these prints stoping at the same height every time?

Strangely enough I’m having this happen on a part also. It fails each timeat the same spot. The filament just stops extruding and gets stripped. Haven’t found a solution yet.

I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the plug in (pause at height) I think it’s called not at the computer now. On my computer in Cura this was set to 5mm just about then stoping point my prints are failing. Strange thing is all the prints I did we’re quick prints and not in expert mode. If you use the X icon in the upper right of the parameters box you can clear the current plug in that is being used for current print. At least that’s what it looks like to me. So I’m wondering if these perimeters are being used for all the prints that have failed.

Anyone with input please let me know.

I write my own pause code aso I don’t think that was .y issue. I turned up the extruder heat 5 deg, slowed itndiwn a bit and that fixed my issues