Filament change issue with post processing plugin

I have a lulzbot mini with an aerosturder. I’m use cura lulzbot edition 3.6.20
in the post processing script i am trying to using the color change plug in. i set the color change at layer 5 and left the initial retraction at the default 300mm and the later retraction at 30mm. my project paused as i wanted and i swapped out the filament but when i hit the resume button it just sits there and does not resume. i look at the console and it just repeating paused by user.

Any help would be great


I just got this info from Lulzbot
We have started to come across this issue recently. Our R&D team is currently working to find a solution for this plugin. I sincerely apologize. Keep an eye out for updates for our Cura as we work through some of these issues.

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Have you ever receive further info on this issue? I am currently running into the same issuse. printer puases perfectly, I change the filament hit resume and then nothing happens. I am using a lulzbot mini & Cura