Problem with Cura slicer causing printing problems

I recently started a print and my printer started doing some dots at a corner when it wasn’t necessary. The problem with that is the filament will expand in the hot end if it is not printing or stopping constantly to fill in these gaps when it could just make a straight line and save LOTS OF TIME. Here is a photo

I’m guessing your model’s walls are different thickness seeing that it’s going from 4 lines to 3.

But why would it do dots of filament at the end of the lines?

I would assume it is a line but appears to look like a dot. If the length of the line is the width of the nozzle your line is a dot. The amount of magnification allowed by software programs (cad programs and the slicers) distorts your perception of reality. 1mm could like 1 inch or 1 foot. I think everything is fine and the slicer merged it mathematically the best it possibly could IMO.

Is there any way to fix that? It is causing problems printing. The filament overheats when the printer spends 30 seconds trying to print these dots.

Try turning off fill gaps.

Also, if your filament is overheating from this, you have other issues.

I’m not entirely sure, we’ll have to pllay with some settings. First, what view is that showing only one color? Is it material color? Select Line Type so we could see infill, shell and inner walls. I suspect that dot Is from the infill. What are your line widths set to? Outer, inner and infill. Does it match the width of your nozzle? What infill density set to? More importantly, what;s the infill pattern? Changing it to concentric may help you in this case; however I think there may be an even better solution if your shell walls are set too small. What is the wall thickness set to? Increasing the wall thickness can eliminate the need for an infill. Try increasing it a mm at the very least.

Also, did you design the model? If so, does the model’s thickness match the nozzle’s width? Or is evenly divisible to a whole number? If the thickness is 1.6 mm and you’re printing with a .5mm nozzle .1mm is going to get dropped somewhere. Another solution might be to try setting the line width in Cura to bit larger than the actual line width (.6 for a .5 nozzle). Re-slice it and check the layer view.

Can you upload the .STL file?

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I will give that a try. Thank you.
My filament is probably overheating because I set the temperature to 255c because I have a Hardened Steel nozzle. The HE nozzle is probably 245c to 250c when the heat break is 255c. So the filament will expand if it doesn’t extrude as much.

Yes it is material color. NOT THE COLOR OF THE FILAMENT. Photo of line type

All line widths are set to 0.5mm
Nozzle size 0.5mm HE
100% infill because it is for my aquarium, Don’t want it to float. Infill pattern Zig Zag.
Wall line count 4, Wall thickness 0.8mm.
Case_127_v1.stl (2.0 MB)
Don’t know the model thickness.
Trying 0.6mm on all line widths.
Looks better! Thank you!