printing error using pronterface

Anyone seen this when trying to print. I load the file and start the print when up to the proper temp but after it homes it sort of seizes up and then stops and displays the following in the pronterface window. Is it an issue with the z axis level?

Don’t set the temp in Slic3r. Just put it at zero and set the temp in pronterface.

The “… W:?” you see is Slic3r forcing the desired print temp in the gcode. Pronterface will honor that and wait for the printer to either heat up to that temperature or cool down to it. You can eliminate that behaviour by changing this in Slic3r:
Filament Settings > Filament > Temperature and change the following entries. Extruder (both First Layer and Other layers to “0”, and Bed to 0 as well for both options. Save and reslice your models. Pronterface will then allow you to start printing at whatever temperatures you have manually set.

The temps in slic3r were already set to “0” so that doesn’t seem to be the issue.

i suggest ditching pronterface, and using repetier host instead…there seem to be less problems with slic3r integration, since it is allready built in.

if to doesn’t work for you, you can always go back. and if the same issue is there, you know it is not the software.

I am having this same issue.

Here’s some added information:
Using the same .ini file I get the stated error if I use slic3r on my mac, but if I use the same version of slic3r on my linux box (which is also what the Taz is connected to) it works fine.

I was having the same problem so I changed the temperature setting in slic3r to 0. Now I am still having the same problem but without the question mark at the end. Can someone please help. Thanks

What temps are you seeing before starting the print? Can you attach a screen shot showing the current printer temps and the terminal output showing what you are seeing? You can also include the gcode file you are attempting to print.

Did anyone find a resolution to this problem? I am now having the same exact issue, using both pronterface and repetier-host. I sliced the same STL file and it will print, but after making some small adjustments to the amount of brim and skirt height, it started having this issue. I changed the temp settings in slic3r to be 0, as described in the post above, but that didn’t fix the problem, so I set them back to their defaults (Which is what my other files that are printing fine are using).

I’m having trouble attaching my gcode file, it keeps timing out, but I’ll mess around and see if I can get it attached in case it helps.

[Update] - I installed the newest version of slic3r today and reverted all my settings and started over, and I was able to print. I’m still interested to see how others solved this though in case I run into it again.

Something to try:

  1. open up your gcode in a text editor
  2. search (ctrl+f) for “M104”
  3. delete those lines if they are there
  4. save the file
  5. try again