Temps not staying as I set them

I don’t know if anyone else has had this issue. I’ll describe.

When I start a print, immediately after all the axes go to home, my temps go to 220c and 80c. I have to manually change them back to what I want, immediately after the print starts.

I haven’t tried to troubleshoot too much, but I was hoping someone else knows what is happening.

I have a Taz4 and have been slicing with Slic3r 1.2.6 experimental.

I began having slic3r output temp commands to see if that helped, but no go. something still drops my temps. (though it does set my temps correctly after the first layer)

Im not sure if this is slic3r’s problem or the printer.

Open the Slic3r gcode file in a text editor and look at the top of the file for the following commands:

M104 S
M190 S

where TEMP will be the hot end temp and BEDTEMP the bed temperature. This is what the gcode tells the firmware to set the temperatures to and this should ALWAYS be honored when you run the gcode file no matter which host/controller app you use or if you run from the SD card.

What does your gcode file say for these?

That sure answers what the problem is. It is slic3r experimental.

Unfortunately, my sd card is in my printer, which is where i always export my gcode. But, I exported some frsh gcode just now. In the slic3r UI, I specified to set temp to 230C for first and all layers after. I specified 90C and 85C for bed temps for first layer and all other layers, respectively.

I opened the gcode file and the commands are for 220C and 80C. SO, apparently, slic3r 1.2.6 just has a bug that is not creating the temp commands as I tell it to.

Very odd! Temp control is such a fundamental part of the slicer that it is difficult to believe it would be released even as experimental that way.

Yea I find it odd too. I cannot quite figure out why it is doing that.

Something new I noticed is that if I generate gcode with the default config, the temps in the gcode matches the config file export.

But I have .ino files that I export and keep, and then load and change and export and keep… and so on, so I have some record of configs that have worked out.

Some of these configs do it and others don’t. It must be coincidental, but it seems everything I have for PLA doesnt have that problem, but everything I had kept from ABS prints keep exporting to 220 C for extruder and 80C for bed.

I have just been going in and changing those lines of code manually, so my printer uses the proper temps.

In Slic3r under the printer settings should be a section where you can add G-Code to the start of the file. Check to see if this section includes the offending code, if it does, the temperature settings here will override what you have manually set the printer temperature to. You can either delete the code, put a ; in front of the commands so that they are ignored, or change the temperatures to what you want.

Well, I’ll be darned. I didn’t even look at that part of the UI, because I never added temperature commands there. I have no idea how they ended up there. These configs just all of a sudden started messing with my temps.

But, thanks, problem solved.