PTFE tubing for Flexystruder


Been poking around trying to find a source for the PTFE tubing to build myself a flexystruder.

Just got my order from McMaster-Carr, and it seems that what I thought was the correct PTFE tubing is not.

Looking through their catalog again, was wondering if someone can confirm that this item is the right one…

8547K23 - Tube Made of Teflon® PTFE, 1/4" OD x 1/8" ID, 1 ft. Length

Figured I better check with someone who has ordered this before me before I make another expensive mistake…


P.S. This is the stuff that I ordered thinking it was what I needed … oops:

1817T12 - PTFE Filled Delrin ® Acetal Resin Tube, Oversized, 1/4" OD, 1/8" ID, 1/16" Wall Thickness

This is what I have been using to make them.

Thank-you very much!