PVA over PEI - adjustment for added thickness

Can anyone advise on how to add a small z-offset away from the print bed after auto-leveling? Can this be done in Cura with the Z-offset setting under Machine settings, or is it a g-code thing?

I’ve noticed that the print nozzle digs into a PVA glue layer that has been painted over the PEI, which makes sense since auto-level wouldn’t account for the extra height of the glue layer.

Thanks in advance.

You can adjust the nozzle height after auto-level through the Z-offset.

It sounds like you may also be over-extruding a bit if the nozzle is dragging through the already deposited filament. Reduce the flow % in Cura by 2-5%.

Would that be a positive or negative number?

It’s not dragging through the already deposited layers, just through the PVA glue layer which I put on with a paintbrush.

Ah… got it. Just a positive Z-offset is all you need.

Sounds like a heavy layer of PVA, what type of filament are you printing?

Taulman Alloy 910.

I did 2 coats of “Mod Podge” and it seems to be sticking nicely now with the bed heated to 72°C.

Thanks for the help.