Work around Z offset Lulzbot mini 1

I’m trying to print on top of another piece of material using my lulzbot mini 1, and the thickness of the first layer is more than the z-offset allows. Is there any work around to the cura LE settings? I’m close to the point of altering the print bed or other hardware but wanted to see if anyone else had a way to go about this

First two things that come to mind for me are:

  1. Compile a custom firmware with a higher limit for the Z offset adjustment. This will not be quick and easy if you don’t have experience with custom firmware.

  2. Add some sort of conductive metal to each bed corner that is thicker than the additional Z offset needed to fool the system into thinking the bed is higher up. If you had a second set of washers you could raise the Z by 1.5mm by just stacking two washers on the screw in each corner.

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Third idea: Look at the Marlin G-code at Gcode | Marlin Firmware

There may be codes you could insert into your file to move the offset up for the rest of the file. Insert one after the wipe and probe start code to move the whole print up by the needed amount. With a quick look I find M206 - Set Home Offsets might be used to raise everything up.

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Hi Carl,

Thank you for getting back to me. I’m going to try adding a second set of washers, thanks!

In Cura LE, under preferences>Configure Cura>General>Viewport behavior there is an option to “Automatically drop models to the build plate.” Unchecking this box should allow you to move your part the correct distance above the build plate.

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