Instructions for Dual extruder into Taz 5?

I guess they are similar to Taz 4, except I don’t see a dual extruder firmware available for Taz 5 anywhere. Also there are no arduino files located in the Taz 5 sub. I am afraid to do any updating until I am sure those are the correct files. Also are there fans available that mount on the dual extruder for PLA?

found the dually cooly so never mind about the fans. Now just need to verify firmware and arudino updates are the same as the taz 4

TAZ 5 = TAZ 4 + Hexagon Extruder + PEI print surface

If you want to use the Dual Extruder with a TAZ 5, you will be able to use the firmware provided with the dually. Just make sure you change the firmware back if/when you switch back to the hexagon extruder.

Ok so I follow the firmware update instructions for the taz 4 and do the arduino updates as well?

edit never mind I see you are saying the controller is the same in the 4 and the 5.

I see now that they are developing a dual extruder with the all metal version. Should have waited for that.

edit moved to the software section.