Questions on upgrading from TAZ 1 to TAZ 6/Pro

Hi All,

I am looking to upgrade a TAZ 2.1 to a 6 or as close as possible to the TAZ Pro. Besides converting from 12V to 24V, what else would be needed to upgrade? I am mostly looking to upgrade to the TAZ 6 equivalent, preferably with the belt driven Z-axis the Pro has. The TAZ 2.1 has been sitting for a while after several printed parts broke during shipping a while back and I’m getting back around to working on it getting upgraded and running again.

Any and all resources such as part lists/inexpensive sources or spreadsheets would be greatly appreciated!



I am not sure if its possible to upgrade to the belt drive z-axis very easily… I would LOVE to do that on my Taz6. All the parts you need though for the Taz6 are in the “downloads” library and you can print them all off for free. If you need any info, pictures, or measurements of a Taz6 let me know. I will help you any way i can!

-Craig G