Questions regarding the Board on a Taz6

Hello, I am trying to understand if the Rambo_Fix on is needed for a Taz_6. Which I cant figure out and not ready to take apart my 3dp. If it is do you know what voltage on the 0603 package 100 pF capacitors should be?

Sorry if it is a noob question.

Unless you can provide a proper URL, I’m not sure anyone will be able to answer your question.

Pretty sure he’s talking about this: OHAI: Open Hardware Assembly Instructions

If your board came from Lulzbot, you don’t need to do it again. If you bought a board from a 3rd party site - maybe?

Those capacitors should be listed in the bill of materials that can be found here: Index of /TAZ/6.03/production_docs

That patch guide was for a very old model of the RAMBo board (From the Taz 1-2 days) that required the capacitor to be added to allow it to work with the TAZ 5/6 Z-axis setup. As long as you aren’t working on a board from 9+ years ago, this won’t apply to any new printers or boards that are currently available on website.

I have gone ahead and added a little section on that OHAI page to help clarify this for future viewers as well.