RAMBo fans running full blast after firmware update to

Hi all, hopefully i’m not the only one with this issue: after updating to firmware on my TAZ 5 my RAMBo (control unit) fans are running full blast. If I revert back to the old firmware the fans run at a “normal” speed. Has anyone noticed this? (kind of hard not to). What’s the fix? Should I leave the new firmware alone for now?

I’ve searched the forums but didn’t find any posts on this yet.


I wanted to follow up on this fan. We’ve recently updated to firmware, in Cura version 3.2.23: https://www.lulzbot.com/cura
Give that version a try and let us know if the fan issue continues.

So i’ve cleared my cache’s and have tried over and over to install (automatically) the new firmware…no luck, Cura say’s it’s upgrading firmware and it times out. I’ve manually installed the new firmware and printer looks good, shows the current version of firmware, but Cura will not find the printer via usb to print. I’ve reinstalled rAMBO drivers changed baud rates and com ports for communication and cannot get cura 3.2.23 to talk to my Taz 5.

I have simplfy3d and can get it to talk to the printer with firmware with “Verbose” unchecked and baud rate at 250000 but the rAMBO fans run full blast still.

Cura 19.12 and simplfy3d work fine after I flash it back to firmware version

Ignoring simplfy3d, I’d love to use cura 3.2.23 with my taz 5 but evidently I cannot.

If I try using Cura 3.2.23 with firmware on the printer, cura just shows “Scanning available serial ports for printers”

Well, I’ve waited 5 months now, updated the firmware again with the new cura using a mac, the update went fine, I can use cura with my mac but when I start warming up the hotend and bed the RAMBo fan runs way to fast, sounds like a jet engine now. Also using PC with Cura 3.2.32 and new firmware it does the same thing, sounds like a jet engine. I’ve had to install the default firmware to get it back to normal now. Any ideas on why the firmware is messing with the rambo fan?