Taz1 Mainboard - which RAMBO version?

I’m trying to find replacement chip for a Taz3, the A4982ET. Someone offered a Taz1 for parts, I’m trying to figure out what version of the board was in that generation and if it has that chip.

This is a Taz 1:

The Taz 3 uses the Rambo 1.1b.

Not gonna happen.

But the basic frame and motor setup of the Taz 3 is fine if you want to go with something like a BTT SKR board as a much cheaper replacement. There a resource for changing the Taz 6 board over, but for the most part, it’ll be similar with a 3.


I am in the same situation. If I find a Rambo board with the chips, I only need one, so I’ll let you know there are extras.

Cheers, Mark