Reading Input state via gcode on TAZ6 for pause function

In a TAZ6, I was wondering if it possible to read the status of the inputs(such as endstops) via GCODE, or is this only accessible at the board level.
In my application, because TAZ6 has no pause function, I want to put an external “Pause Print” signal which I can wire in parallel with the endstop signal. Then I can insert a GCODE at every layer to check if there is a pause signal active. If TRUE, the GCODE could give a pause code.

Does this sound possible? I will have to see if GCODE can even do logic. Or is there a way to do this at the board level?

Which firmware and tool head are you running?

Firmware: v1.1.9.34
Standard Single Extruder that is included with TAZ6

Some users have been reporting some issues, but we do have newer firmware for the TAZ 6 with stock tool head. cura/resources/firmware/Marlin_TAZ6_Universal_2. · master · LulzBot 3D / Cura-LE / Cura Binary Data · GitLab

and the latest start gcode for it resources/gcodes/lulzbot_taz6_start.gcode · master · LulzBot 3D / Cura-LE / CuraLE_Sidekick · GitLab

Updating the firmware doesn’t address the original question “if it possible to read the status of the inputs?”.

To me it sounded like he wanted to be able to pause the print which you can do with the firmware I linked.

and you would likely need to do some editing of the firmware to achieve what he is asking.

Thank you! That answers the original question.

You can get the status of the end stops with an M119 but unless you have something like OctoPrint (and a plugin) you can’t react to it with pure gcode.

Thanks for the help. I will let you know if I come up with anything.