Recommended Cart(s) for TAZ 6?

Greetings all, we’ve been loving our 2 TAZ 6’s in our public library, but are in search of a good media cart that we could use to secure and transport one or both of them (ideally, there’d be room underneath the cart for 1 TAZ, plus a big enough surface on the top to operate a printer safely.

Anyone have any good recommendations?

Most of the steel media carts will work fine. If you plan on running the printer on the cart, noise is going to be a concern, so you will want to budget for some heavy duty noise damping mat.

I would go with something similar to this cart:

2 decker, put a 1/2" to 1" thick layer of noise mat in the bottom of both bays, run a power strip down one of the legs. Thats the same size we use for computer deployments so there should be plenty of room on it. They also should be sturdy enough to mount a monitor arm if you wanted, maybe couple it with an INtel NUC or something tiny.

You could even build an enclosure around the lower one with some acrylic. THe trick is going to be making sure the bed has sufficient travel on the lower space.

I don’t have an answer to your question but a follow up question. I have been looking at this 3D printer cart for our taz 6:

Different sites sell it at different prices. It seems like it might be just the tiniest bit too small for the taz 6. Does anyone have it?

I went heavy duty - stability over mobility (it does have lockable wheels).
36x24 is almost perfect for my Taz5, but my planned enclosure will need to hang over the back a few inches to accommodate full build plate range of motion and still have some space to spare.
It’s a beast and can support 600 lbs.

I added an under-desk drawer for tools that is a perfect fit.
It fits between the legs with around a 1/4" to spare.

The lower shelf is perfect for filament storage.
I can just fit two of these airtight toolboxes between the legs

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You might also want to check out Uline’s Instrument Carts:

I bought one, I think it was Model # H-3739 if I remember correctly, and it worked ok for my application. I liked the fact that it’s a cushioned cart.

One thing you might want to consider is whether or not you want to build an enclosure for your TAZ in the future. Lulzbot’s build it yourself CAT Guard enclosure is 33 Wide x 28 Deep. The cart is plenty big for the TAZ to run on, but I put a piece of flat MDF board from Home Depot on top of the cart so it would be deep enough for the CAT Guard to rest on. Not sure long term if the MDF would have warped requiring the bed to be releveled. I have since moved the TAZ to a stainless steel table so I no longer am using the cart, but it worked ok while I was using it.

Also, since I was running the TAZ on top of the MDF board, I’m not sure if the vinyl surface on top of the cart would have compressed slightly over time or not.