Taz 6 assembled dimensions

Hi, I just moved and I brought my electronics with me. All my other stuff is with movers who pushed back delivery on my furniture a week and a half. Luckily, I took my computers and printer with me. I need a temporary table to put my Taz 6 on and I’ll be assembling the printer on the table. So my question is: what should be the minimum dimensions for the table top?



If the table is pushed against a wall behind the printer, you’ll need a surface 26" (65 cm) wide by 24" (60 cm) deep. Be sure to have at least 3" (8 cm) clearance behind the Y axis assembly for the bed to travel until hitting the endstop. Also leave a bit of room around the table for overhangs: on the right side for the spool arm(s) and in front for the bed.