Refurb 101 issues


Reason I am writing this here is that I am on the other side of the world in Australia so when it is 8am in Colorado it is 12am here and when is 4pm in Colorodo it is 8am here, i call but have no succes and not playing tag email as it will take weeks to sort this.

I purchased a refurbed 101 off Ebay from lulzbot and sent to Australia only to find the glass cracked and heat bed not working.

The rig was confirmed as one a customer had returned, so they put it on Ebay.

The glass cracking was a weird one because you can see an impact point on the front and the pcb was bent slightly, There is nothing that could have touched that glass in freight as the packing was very pro (maybe they dropped from a great height… but the box was pristine), My conversation to Lulzbot was that ! believe the rig was not refurbed and maybe they just sent it on (old packing slips inside, piece of filament stuck in the extruder). Lulzbot confirmed to me today that the rig was refurbed and a test octopus was printed (did not get this either) so who knows, but i hope it was tested :slight_smile:

so my issues


  1. I got some standard glass cut at the local glass man and sprayed with hairspray, pretty hard to get kaptan and pet where ! am from. (realise the issues re temp and shrinkage)

  2. Set the machine up and ran it… heat bed is not heating, I checked all the obvious. > did not check fuse <

so… Can someone help me get the heat bed working as I would have to wait to next Tuesday to hear back from Lulzbot due to time difference.


photo (3).JPG

  1. ok… opened up the box… everything seems intact…

  2. reset the board…

  3. here is the current fw

Printer is now online.
echo: External Reset
Marlin 1.0.0
echo: Last Updated: 2012-11-26 | Author: LulzBot
Compiled: Dec 13 2012
echo: Free Memory: 4714 PlannerBufferBytes: 1232
echo:Using Default settings:
echo:SD card ok

So … really getting to know the bot…

Pulled the heater bed, checked the wiring and ran a multi meter over it.

no power to the board…

  1. checked board = ok

  2. checked wiring continuity = ok

  3. checked power from the actual rambo onboard pins = not ok > no power from pins (and yes done when activated

next ???
photo 3.JPG
photo 2.JPG


We had a similar experience with our new AO-101 that was shipped from the UK to the US. The glass was broken in the same manner shown in your picture and the heated bed did not function at all. It turned out the glass thermistor taped to the bottom of the bed was shattered. If the thermistor is broken then no power will be applied to the bed. Here is a link to the thermistor used on our AO-101


Cheers Dan! This really puts my mind at ease…

I would like to formally apologise to Lulzbot for ever doubting that the machine was refurbed and tested and shit happens when ya post things 12 thousand miles.

now… Lulz… can you please send me the Bed module so i can complete my plug and play experience :slight_smile:

edit > checked the thermistor and it is smashed to pieces :slight_smile:



We’ll get this sorted out & fixed. Sorry your bed got damage. Orias will be contacting you.

it is all good…

the staff have been very good and shipped what is needed, i managed to get a honeywell thermistor locally and everything works fine.



Good to hear, thanks for the update.