Removing ABS objects from Taz 5

I’m able to build successfully with ABS - my problem now is removing the objects from the bed.

I am especially struggling to remove large flat objects - the brim and skirts are also a pain and take a lot of clean up and effort.

Equipment and settings: Taz 5, Natural ABS, Temp 245/85 running in a sealed acrylic enclosure

Try raising the nozzle a bit through the z-enstop knob. I’d say an eighth to sixteeenth of a turn (one or two “clicks” of the spring).

Or you could try using the g-code z-offset in the slicing software… try .1 or .2 to raise the nozzle a bit after its homed. If you find the value greater than .5 go back to the z-endstop knob.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try and see how it goes in the morning.

I use this cheese slice to remove parts. Tape over or grind off the slicy part. Never found anything better.

Yep. Flat tools are awesome. Get the edge under the project and just slide forward… avoid prying which can lead to gouges.

I like a dental cement spatula.

Recent tip about a few drops of isoprpyl alcohol around the edges works also… But use sparingly since IPA can dry out the PEI.

Worked perfectly - two “clicks” did the trick

thank you