Removing Broken Filament from TAZ Workhorse

I have what appears to be a serious problem.

The hobbed gear tore into my PLA and in my attempt to get the filament out, it broke at this point in the toolhead. I was in the middle of retraction in the extruder, and was constantly cleaning the gear that tore into the filament, though you can see additional material on the gear. How do I get this filament out?

I would consider setting the nozzle temperature high enough to extrude your PLA, then gently press more PLA in above the stuck piece while moving the extruder stepper with the front menu. Hopefully enough of the broken piece will extrude for the gears to grip the new piece of filament and push the rest through. I haven’t had to disassemble this extruder before, but it looks like there are some guides you can follow online.

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