Removing set screws on motors

OK, so I had my printer apart yesterday so that I could install Piercet’s anti-Z wobble setup (Thanks Piercet for the great support!!) and I figured, well, I’m in deep, might as well add dampeners to the motors. So broke out my trusty allen keys from Lulzbot (OK, they were already out), and attempted to loosen the set screw(s) on the cog attached to the X-Axis motor. No dice. Honestly, I was afraid that if I applied any more force, I would strip the head.

So, I moved on to the Z-motors. I figured I can at least do those. No dice. Applied as much force as I felt comfortable applying and the set screws would barely budge.

So am I being chicken, or is there some voodoo I need to know in order to get these bad boys to loosen?

I just stick the 1.5mm hex key in them and turn until they come out. I wonder if yours got loctited in?

I will say I worked on a motor a couple days ago that had had the hex wrench broken off inside the set screw so be careful. It is really hard to drill out with a hardened steel piece inside it. :laughing: